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1 box chocolate cake mix 1 can cherry pie filling 1 tsp. almond extract 2 eggs FROSTING: 1 C. sugar 1/3 C. milk 4 T. butter 1 C. chocolate chips 1 tsp. almond extract Make cake as directed using 2 eggs. Add almond extract. Mix cherry pie filling in at   Read More ...

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1/2 C. butter 1 1/8 C. sugar (1/8 C. = 2 T) 2 eggs 1 7/8 C. cake flour (2 C. minus 2 T.) or 1 3/4 C. flour 1 tsp. baking powder 3/4 tsp. salt 3/4 C. milk 1 tsp. vanilla Cream butter and sugar. Beat in eggs. Sift   Read More ...

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This recipe came from the Dunkerton, Iowa, First Baptist Church Cookbook – 1932. 1 1/2 C. sugar 1/2 C. butter 2 egg yolks 1 C. lukewarm water 2 C. flour 2 T. burnt sugar* 2 egg whites, beaten 1 1/2 C. flour 2 tsp. baking powder 1 tsp. vanilla Mix   Read More ...

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1 heaping C. Crisco Dash of salt 1 tsp. vanilla 1 tsp. cornstarch Approx. 1 tsp. white corn syrup 1 – 2 lb. bag C &H powdered sugar 1/2 C. boiling water Put the first 5 ingredients in large bowl of mixture; beat. Add half of the powdered sugar; beat   Read More ...

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1 Betty Crocker white cake mix, prepared as directed using only 2 T. oil Bake at 300º for 10 minutes. Increase temperature to 325º and bake 10 minutes. Increase temperature to 350º to finish baking. Cook in pan 10 minutes.

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CRUST: 2 C. chocolate wafer cookies 1/2 C. margarine 1/4 C. sugar FILLING: 1 C. chocolate fudge sauce (Mrs. Richardson’s, softened to pour point) 1 qt. vanilla ice cream, scoop soft 1 pt. raspberry sherbet, scoop soft 12 oz. frozen raspberries, no sugar 8 oz. Cool Whip Pour fudge sauce   Read More ...

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2 lbs. ground beef Onion Salt 1 can Campbell’s vegetable beef soup Mustard Ketchup Oatmeal Brown beef with onion and salt. Add soup, mustard and ketchup (approximately 1/4 cup). Scant oatmeal to thicken.

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1 lb. hamburger 1 can Classic Coke 1 C. ketchup Green pepper, chopped, optional Brown hamburger; drain grease. Add Coke and ketchup and let simmer to reduce liquid. You may add green pepper to taste, This is an easy recipe but it can’t be made in 15 minutes because it   Read More ...

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This recipe comes to the Bartholomew family from Jean Riordan, Leta’s mother-in-law. 1 lb. Velveeta cheese 1 small jar sweet pickle relish, juice and all 6 hard-boiled eggs 2 rounded T. Miracle Whip 1 T. sugar Put everything in mixing bowl, except eggs. Mix with electric mixer until blended and   Read More ...

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Elizabeth Clark always requests this for Christmas supper at Grandpa Bartholomew’s house. 1 whole chicken Celery 1 medium onion Miracle Whip Salt and pepper Boil chicken until done. Remove skin and bones. Cut or shred chicken (this is easier done when warm). Let the chicken cool. Chop celery and onion   Read More ...

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