Candy Cookbook

Grandma B’s Peanut Brittle

When I was pregnant with Jim, Thanksgiving celebration was in Dubuque. Grandma B brought a batch of peanut brittle with instructions to put it away and share with my family after everyone else had gone home. Not one other Young family member, but me, had any of that batch of brittle. It was great!

3 C. sugar
1/4 C. water
1 C. light corn syrup
2 C. (1 lb.) raw Spanish peanuts
1 tsp. butter
1 tsp. salt
2 tsp. soda

Combine sugar, water and syrup and boil until spins a thread. Add peanuts, stirring constantly. Cook until it turns golden brownish. Remove from heat and stir in butter, salt and soda. Pour onto buttered jelly roll pan. As candy cools, work up from pan with a spatula. When cool break into pieces.

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