Cookbook Desserts


This serves 20 to 25 people and you serve it in a punch bowl. Very pretty.

1 C. boiling water
1-3 oz. pkg. strawberry jello
1 pt. vanilla ice cream
2-4 oz. pkgs. vanilla instant pudding
1 C. pecans, chopped
2- 10 oz. pkgs. frozen strawberries
Maraschino cherries
1 C. juice from berries
1-3 oz. pkg. raspberry jello
1 angel food cake, broken into pieces
3 bananas, sliced, optional
1 pt. heavy cream or whipped topping
2- 10 oz. pkgs. frozen raspberries

Combine water, fruit juices and jello and fold into softened ice cream. Place in punch bowl and chill until set. Prepare pudding. Put fruit and nuts on top of jello. Put cake pieces over the fruit. Pour the pudding over all. Spread whipped cream over the top. Garnish with cherries and nuts.

Serve chilled.

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