Beverages Cookbook

Ice Cube Punch

8 C. water
4 C. sugar
1 – 12 oz. can frozen orange juice
1 – 16 oz. bottle ReaLemon
1 – 46 oz. can pineapple juice
4 to 6 qts. ginger ale
Mint leaves or maraschino cherries for garnish

  1. Heat water and sugar until sugar dissolves.
  2. Mix in remaining ingredients and freeze in ice cube trays.
  3. Store in plastic bags in freezer.
  4. Place cubes in punch bowl and add ginger ale.

Make 20 to 30 minutes before serving so cubes can melt. Requires no extra ice. Can freeze mint and cherries in the punch cubes. For an individual serving, put 3 or 4 cubes in glass and add ginger ale or other white carbonated beverage.

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